Charlotte Rampling

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Feb 28 2024

Dune Part Two

As David Lean once set audiences agog with the widescreen vistas of Lawrence of Arabia and the adventures of T.E. Lawrence in the desert, Denis Villeneuve takes the mantle with the second portion of his big-screen adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune. This continuation, Dune Part Two, picks up right where Dune Part One left us, and […]
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Jan 21 2016

45 Years

Charlotte Rampling might be the ballsiest actress of her generation. Many will recall her from such noteworthy films as “Stardust Memories” and “The Verdict”, others for controversial fare like “Angel Heart”, the risqué French flick “Swimming Pool”, and Lars Von Trier’s “Melancholia”. For me, her most telling performance was in “Basic Instinct 2”, because it suggests that no matter […]
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