Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival

Oct 16 2015

German Angst

Given the excessively gruesome track record of its contributors, it’s unexpected that horror anthology “German Angst” turns out to be about as thought-provoking as it is stomach churning. Make no mistake: you’re in for a few major shocks, courtesy of three of Germany’s most twisted genre authorities. But, with an exception or two among its […]
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Oct 14 2015

Spooky Movie Festival 2015: “They Look Like People” Reviewed

When a demonic alien takeover is imminent and you’re the only one who knows about it, how do you broach the subject with your best friend? That’s the dilemma for Wyatt (MacLeod Andrews), a wayward soul burdened with the knowledge of a vaguely extraterrestrial infestation à la “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” in the superb psychological […]
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Oct 11 2015

Spooky Movie Festival 2015: “Bite” Reviewed

“Bite” will undoubtedly draw the attention of gore-hounds who are curious why it caused such a stir at Fantasia Film Festival, where paramedics reportedly had to come to the assistance of several intestinally-distressed audience members. My prognosis is food poisoning. Chad Archibald’s monster movie, which sinks its teeth in early but cuts itself off at […]
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Oct 9 2015

Spooky Movie Festival 2015: “Crush the Skull” Reviewed

Four burglars get the surprise of a lifetime when a poorly orchestrated robbery lands them inside a serial killer’s hermetically sealed murder den. The inventive horror/comedy “Crush the Skull” comes from “iZombie” contributor Viet Nguyen based on his own 2010 short, and finds thieving couple Ollie and Blair (Nguyen’s co-writer Chris Dinh and Katie Savoy) in […]
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Sep 28 2015


THE 2015 SPOOKY MOVIE INTERNATIONAL HORROR FILM FESTIVAL October 8-17, 2015 Since 2006, October has belonged to the Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival. The festival that brought the DC area such films as THE BABADOOK, EXISTS, TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL, A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT, HOUSEBOUND, and EXCISION–-holds its 10th annual […]
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Oct 25 2013

Spooky Movie Festival 2013: “Chastity Bites” Reviewed

“Chastity Bites” is essentially an unfiltered pilot for a CW television series, which could be an entertaining diversion or a terrible annoyance, depending on your threshold for pop culture references and irreverent teen humor. Either way, this coming-of-age horror/comedy thing definitely needs some sort of a makeover.
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