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Nov 7 2019

Marriage Story (2019) – Movie Review

Rare are the films which sweep you away with intelligent drama, spellbinding performances, and involving photography. Marriage Story is one of these rare films; however, it’s in reflecting on the film where it takes the opportunity to flatten you. This film reminds you love hurts, and the film hurts for love – not in the sense of […]
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Mar 31 2017

Review: “Ghost In The Shell”

A pretty decent “Blade Runner”/“Matrix”/“Fifth Element” blend that will no doubt draw criticism from hardcore manga fans, “Ghost In The Shell” is stimulating enough visually to warrant a view (if not necessarily requiring a visit to the theater). I am not of the fanatical ScarJo camp, she who’s managed through the last several action/thriller with scarcely […]
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Dec 31 2016

Review: “Sing”

Illumination Entertainment (the “Despicable Me” series) had a decent film on its hands earlier this year with “The Secret Life of Pets”, but its shining contribution to 2016 is “Sing”, a musical embracing big dreams while poking fun at the ridiculous “American Idol” craze. The film might immediately draw comparison to   “Zootopia” with its […]
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Dec 31 2016

Review: “The Jungle Book”

Jon Favreau has his passion projects, and then he has his passion projects. Take his last film, “Chef”, a fairly light under-the-radar dramedy with the writer/director in the starring role as a sought after culinary wizard who departs from a trendy high-end restaurant to open a food truck. Now look at “The Jungle Book”, an […]
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May 5 2016

Captain America: Civil War

Area Theaters May 6th Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo Written by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeeley Starring everyone except for Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo and Samuel L. Jackson Note: Stay through the credits for two additional scenes Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) makes some enemies in the third “Captain America” flick, among them Tony Stark (Robert […]
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Apr 14 2016

The Jungle Book (2016)

From the second the lights go all the way down after the trailers are over and the theater’s “Feature Presentation” bumper has played, we’re brought into a world of nostalgia by Disney’s current logo having undergone a facelift. Well, it’s really a reverse-facelift; the 10-year-old, computer-animated, firework-laden Cinderella Castle opening has been entirely redone to […]
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