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Aug 4 2022

Easter Sunday (2022) – Movie Review

You have to give comedian Jo Koy props for his hustle and how he has seized the opportunity to parlay his tumultuous life into smashing success. Decades before his self-financed 2017 Netflix special made him a worldwide phenomenon at the age of 46 (he’s 51 now), Koy brought the wackiness of growing up in a […]
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Aug 3 2022

Prey (2022) – Movie Review

In the last 12 years, we’ve had three Predator films after a duo of why’d-they-bother, cash-grabbing Alien vs. Predator crossover movies. 2010’s Predators was the last good film in the franchise, with 2018’s The Predator being an overhyped disappointment. We’re back into the realm of the surprise and wonder that Predator and Predators gave us, thanks […]
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Jul 28 2022

DC League of Super-Pets (2022) – Movie Review

How do you make formulaic plots and stories attractive and vital? It’s a question director/co-writer Jared Stern and co-writer John Whittington have answered with DC League of Super-Pets, their cinematic spin on the “disparate characters come together to defeat evil” children’s film chestnut. Focusing on a ragged team of pet store rejects who suddenly find […]
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Jul 15 2022

Don’t Make Me Go (2022) – Movie Review

Looking back at Don’t Make Me Go, there’s something about Vera Herbert’s script that brings to mind… well, almost every movie it borrows from. You can point to any scene in this film and find its equivalent in any number of other family dramas or road trip comedies. From the voiceover narration warning us straight […]
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Jun 22 2022

The Black Phone (2022) – Movie Review

There’s something different about the ethos which drives director/co-writer Scott Derrickson’s adaptation of Joe Hill’s short story, The Black Phone. It’s not here for gratuitous displays of gore, nor is its purpose to be content with merely scaring its audience (although there are some fairly good jump scares hidden throughout). Instead, The Black Phone rides […]
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Jun 3 2022

Double Threat (2022) – Movie Review

Rare are the movies that try to do so much and scream so loudly, yet wind up saying nothing… and the independent action film Double Threat does just that. It is a demonstration of the inability to hold character development with stability and purpose, to the point where we’re screaming for something – anything – […]
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