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Oct 19 2021

Halloween Kills (2021) – Movie Review

Halloween Kills works best with a repeat viewing. Firstly, to watch it expecting the sudden shocks of relentless gore and violence; second, to focus on what director/co-writer David Gordon Green is giving us with this entry in his Halloween trilogy. While still obviously a slasher movie, there’s something else going on here about the cycle of violence […]
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Mar 7 2017

Review: “Get Out”

To paraphrase critic Armond White, whose career is based on being a contrarian : “Get Out” is an attenuated comedy sketch that is tailored to please the liberal status quo”. Really? If that’s what you’ve taken away from this movie—hardly a comedy, by the way, though not without its comic relief—then I might say your […]
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Jan 19 2017


When thinking about Split, the new horror/psychological thriller from M. Night Shyamalan, I keep thinking about magic tricks. I’m a huge sucker for magician shows and the like, and Split is a magic trick unto itself, a kind of trick I don’t think I’ve ever met before. Sure, Shyamalan is known for his films having […]
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Nov 4 2016

Review of the Day: “In A Valley of Violence”

Essentially “John Wick” in a Spaghetti Western, only with a fraction of the body count, this dusty flick leaves us hankering for a bit more “bang” for your buck. Luckily, it’s available for only $5.99 on VOD. The non-committal tone of “In A Valley of Violence” vacillates between Tarantino/Rodriguez and Raimi, grindhouse and campy, yet […]
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Sep 23 2015


Admittedly anxious for the upcoming slew of indie horror films I’ll be screening at the Spooky Movie Horror Film Festival next month (Oct. 8-17 at AFI Silver), I was overjoyed to discover a scary little gem that had somehow,  under my radar, worked its way from a great reception at last year’s SXSW fest, through […]
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Sep 11 2015

The Visit

To this day, writer/director M. Night Shyamalan’s best work remains 1999’s “The Sixth Sense”, a film by which most supernatural suspense flicks are still measured. That same year, another bench mark movie was released, “The Blair Witch Project” from Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, which hit box office gold by way of the found footage medium, planting a new sub […]
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