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Jun 7 2018


Grief and guilt over the passing of loved ones is a universal part of life, regardless of whether we loved someone as much as we could, or if we distanced ourselves from them. The could’ves, would’ves, and should’ves cruelly have their way with us for a while; soon, we find a way to deal with […]
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Jan 13 2017

Review: “20th Century Women”

Granola and punk are the diametrically opposed cultural mores of 1979 Santa Barbara in Mike Mills’ darling flick “20th Century Women”, which has the paradoxical quality of feeling both haphazard and polished.  More distinctly, and with little previous work by which to compare, writer/director Mills (“Beginners”) has whittled the multi-generational retro-drama into a concise and […]
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Mar 18 2016


I really want to tell you how director Atom Egoyan’s “Remember” ends. I will refrain, of course. But if I could tell you, you would understand why I liked the movie so much. So I’ll just say that Christopher Plummer gives another riveting performance and get on with the synopsis. Zev Guttman (Plummer) is a […]
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Jan 31 2016


Two highly intelligent men sit across a table from each other, one a homicidal maniac (Oscar Isaac), the other a tortured Hollywood artist who has “been famous in one way or another since he was nineteen” (Garrett Hedlund) and also seems pretty comfortable killing people. Their dialogue comes from writer/director William Monahan, who also wrote […]
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Oct 8 2015

Mississippi Grind

Good fortune and co-dependence blur together in the gambling flick “Mississippi Grind”, a laid back buddy/road trip drama from writers/directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (“Half Nelson”) that is more about the players than the game. It’s like “Rounders” with a bigger heart. “The journey is the destination”: That’s the credo of good-natured Curtis (Ryan Reynolds), a guy who says […]
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May 21 2015

Slow West

When weathered drifter Silas (Michael Fassbender) saves young lovesick Jay (Kodi Smit-McPhee) from a group of unsavory characters in the dangerous Colorado territories, the brutish loner decides that the kid will need a chaperone if he wants to make it much further. What the kid doesn’t realize is that Silas’ initial motives aren’t exactly altruistic; he’s a bounty hunter, […]
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