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Aug 2 2019

David Crosby: Remember My Name – Movie Review

Just after the opening credits and an introductory bit of interview, David Crosby is seen leaving for his tour. As his car slowly pulls out of his driveway, the angle switches from a rising crane shot to an overhead drone/helicopter shot. His chauffeured black Cadillac SUV rolls from left to right with the camera following, eventually […]
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DC Movie Critics, DC Movie Reviews, DC Film Critics, Eddie Pasa, Michael Parsons, Movie Critics, Film Critics

Nov 5 2015

Until 20

Meet James Ragan, founder of the Triumph Over Kid Cancer charity. At 13, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma – bone cancer – for which there is little hope for a cure. Googling his name will, no doubt, give you articles upon articles which tell his story. However, hearing it from himself in the powerful documentary […]
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Jun 12 2015

Live From New York!

The revolution will not be televised, will not be televised Will not be televised, will not be televised The revolution will be no re-run brothers The revolution will be live — Gil Scott-Heron, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” With those words ringing out amidst a blast of bongos, Bao Nguyen takes us on a […]
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Mar 13 2015

The Mind of Mark DeFriest

The Mind of Mark DeFriest is a documentary about two things: how sadly pathetic our justice system can be at times, and about how many holes a man can dig for himself. Filmmaker Gabriel London’s passion project about Mark DeFriest, a man originally jailed for what may not have been a crime in the first […]
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Feb 6 2015

Red Army

If filmmaker Gabe Polsky’s biggest dream was to play in the NHL after his college hockey career at Yale, then making “Red Army” surely must have been runner-up. While this hockey doc will undoubtedly be a magnet for enthusiasts of the sport, less savvy audiences should be taken by its riveting story, which is more like […]
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Dec 4 2014

Remote Area Medical

Established in 1985 by ex-pilot and former “Wild Kingdom” host Stan Brock, Remote Area Medical was originally devised to provide care to areas of the Amazon rainforest where medicine was otherwise inaccessible. Jeff Reichert and Farihah Zaman’s “Remote Area Medical” centers on Brock’s operation in Bristol, Tennessee, a region that RAM’s scruffy 78-year-old founder says is “not too remote” […]
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