On March 17, 2017, I was pleased to have sat in on a roundtable interview with Danny Boyle, a director whose 1996 film Trainspotting changed the way I looked at movies. (For my personal take on Trainspotting, click here.) When I heard Danny Boyle and the cast of Trainspotting were coming back for T2 Trainspotting, a sequel based on Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh’s novel Porno (which chronicles the further adventures of Mark Renton, Daniel “Spud” Murphy, Francis Begbie, and Simon “Sick Boy” Williamson), I couldn’t have been happier to be in the position to see it early and review it.

Then I was offered an opportunity to interview Mr. Boyle, and you can probably guess how I reacted to that.

Questions are asked by the following people in this order (click to see their webpages or author archives):
Travis Hopson – Punch Drunk Critics
Leslie Combemale – CinemaSiren and Artinsights Gallery
Dani Guerrero – The Hoya
Dean Rogers – The Rogers Revue
Eric Althoff – Washington Times
Eddie Pasa – DC Filmdom

T2 Trainspotting is available for digital download 6/13 and on Blu-Ray and 4K on  6/27.

(Special thanks and dedication to Gabrielle Flamand at Allied Integrated Marketing.)

Eddie Pasa

Eddie is a member of the Washington DC Area Film Critics Association (WAFCA) and the Online Film Critics Society (OFCS). Since starting in 2010 at The Rogers Revue, Eddie has written for Reel Film News (now defunct), co-founded DC Filmdom, and writes occasionally for Gunaxin. When not reviewing movies, he's spending time with his wife and children, repeat-viewing favorites on 4k or Blu-Ray, working for rebranding agency Mekanic, or playing acoustic shows and DJing across the DC/MD/VA area. Special thanks go to Jenn Carlson, Moira and Ari Pasa, Viki Nova at City Dock Digital in Annapolis, Mike Parsons, Philip Van Der Vossen, and Dean Rogers.

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