Captain Marvel – Review at Gunaxin

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I tend to keep my reviews at Gunaxin a little less personal and a little more focused on the film itself. When you read it, know that the tone of it was completely inspired by my eight-year-old daughter who came with me to the screening. Here she sat, having seen all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe offerings with almost all male protagonists. Not that there’s anything wrong with those movies – well, the first Thor was kind of forgettable (I definitely liked Thor: The Dark World more) – but she hadn’t seen herself represented in them. She loves Black Widow and Hope van Dyne; I was hoping Captain Marvel would go a longer way and give its first female lead character the true Marvel hero treatment.

Walking out of the theater, she was so happy. I’m glad she didn’t have to wait so long to see a badass female-fronted Marvel film. She’d seen Wonder Woman in theaters, but even at 7, she was wondering why there wasn’t one like it in “the Iron Man movies.” (Her quote, not mine.) After 11 years and 21 films, Marvel has finally reached out with a solid offering, one which will truly inspire children like mine. Don’t be afraid to bring them to the theaters for this one.

Read my review of Captain Marvel here.

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