Willow Creek

Oct 16 2013

Spooky Fest 2013: Bobcat Goldthwait talks “Willow Creek”

We sat down with director Bobcat Goldthwait on opening night of the 2013 Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival to talk about his foray into horror, “Willow Creek”. Goldthwait is known for his work as an actor/comedian in the ‘80s, starring in films like “Scrooged” and several “Police Academy” installments, but is more recently recognized for writing […]
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Oct 15 2013

Spooky Movie Festival 2013: “Willow Creek” Reviewed

Before you grimace at the thought of another found-footage horror flick, know this: Bobcat Goldthwait, the actor/comedian who cut his directing chops on 1991’s hilariously twisted “Shakes the Clown” and condemned our society’s obsession with reality television in 2011’s ultra-violent “God Bless America”, fully appreciates the fact that the super-efficient style of filmmaking made popular by 1999’s […]
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