Willem Dafoe

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Jun 13 2020

Tommaso (2020) – Movie Review

The picaresque Tommaso examines the post-peak life of a former bigshot Hollywood director trying to find his creative spark again. As the titular Tommaso, Willem Dafoe gives what is arguably a command performance, stretching across his many years of experience to draw the breath on which Tommaso subsists. It’s a heavy, multilayered existence which Dafoe […]
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DC Movie Critics, DC Movie Reviews, DC Film Critics, Eddie Pasa, Michael Parsons, Movie Critics, Film Critics, Movie Review, Film Review

Oct 31 2019

Motherless Brooklyn (2019) – Movie Review

Sometimes, it’s possible to be overwhelmed by being underwhelmed. Writer/director/star Edward Norton’s Motherless Brooklyn – apparently a passion project for him since first reading the novel upon which it was based – strikes this curious tone, wanting to mean more and showing marvelous work underneath its ho-hum surface. Much of this comes from the sporadic […]
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Oct 23 2014

John Wick

Keanu Reeves plays a vengeful ex-hitman who shoots, pummels and skewers his way through NYC’s Russian mafia to get to the men responsible for stealing his car and killing his dog in “John Wick”, which takes place mostly in seedy underground nightclubs and a rustic hotel that provides safe haven for folks of his ilk — basically, […]
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Feb 28 2014

Odd Thomas

“Odd Thomas” is 100 minutes of pure escapist fun, never attempting to be much more than an easy-to-digest piece of entertainment while still managing to be smarter than your typical contemporary popcorn flick. With each scene practically bursting with visual style, sharp dialogue and unusually charismatic characters, it’s really easy to overlook the film’s inconsistencies, which […]
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Dec 6 2013

Out of the Furnace

I often gripe – probably too much – about films in which the characters are not adequately developed. Such is not the case with “Out of the Furnace”, the new film from director Scott Cooper (“Crazy Heart”), though I suppose it would be hard for a filmmaker to come up empty with the likes of […]
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