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Jan 26 2017

Review: “The Red Turtle”

Dutch/Japanese animated feature “The Red Turtle” is the first feature-length work of Michael Dudok de Wit, whose hand drawn production contains exactly the kind of fluidity and naturalism that modern-day CGI lacks. I love my Pixar and my Dreamworks, but this collaboration of Wild Bunch and Studio Ghibli (“The Wind Rises”) reminds that there is […]
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Dec 23 2012

Rust and Bone

(This review was originally published on December 23, 2012 at Reel Film News) Director Jacques Audiard (“A Prophet”) gives us just enough hope and decency to chew on in the French-language film “Rust and Bone” (“De rouille et d’os”), which foregoes any notion of a traditional romance in favor of a grittier, to-the-point attitude. Virtually […]
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