West End Cinema

Oct 19 2014

RIFE 2014: “Geographically Desirable” reviewed

“Has anyone been following the French presidential election?” asks Nicole (Blair Bowers), who’s met with a blank stare from a table full of her friends. That’s because Nicole lives in the world of news broadcasting. She’s obsessed with her job. She’s a workaholic who dedicates the wee hours of the night to a Washington, DC network affiliate, and she’s […]
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Oct 13 2014

RIFE 2014: “Cendre” reviewed

Very similar in tone to this year’s “Under the Skin”, René-Louis Cacciuttolo’s lurid nightmare “Cendre” leaves much for the audience to interpret but spares little in the way of grotesquely surreal visuals. The title character, a psychotic deviant who has a fixation with fairy tales (played by Duan Bo Wen), fancies himself a prince in […]
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Oct 9 2014

RIFE 2014: “Astray” reviewed

“Astray” is a pretty bland parable about trust, forgiveness and redemption that drives towards its fundamental moral with roughly the verve of an instructional video for social workers. It’s hard to criticize a film for sending such a positive message, but writer/director Kyle Romanek approaches the material from an elementary level and doesn’t challenge the […]
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Oct 8 2014

RIFE 2014: “Suffering Cassandra” reviewed

If Woody Allen and a “Clerks” era Kevin Smith made a movie together, it might look something like the whip-smart relationship comedy “Suffering Cassandra” (showing Saturday, October 11th at the Reel Independent Film Extravaganza), a bare-bones story that centers on four young people grinding out their differences over the course of one stormy evening. The film […]
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Oct 7 2014

Reel Independent Film Extravaganza 2014: “6 Nonsmokers” reviewed

I can see DC-based indie filmmaker Francis Abbey one day being tapped for something on Broadway, or at the very least the pilot for a sitcom. His rambunctious comedy “6 Nonsmokers”, which is screening on opening night (Friday, October 10th) at the Reel Independent Film Extravaganza at DC’s West End Cinema, is like a rendition of […]
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Oct 4 2014

2014 Reel Independent Film Extravaganza

DC Filmdom is proud to be partnered with the folks at Reel Independent Film Extravaganza (RIFE), which begins its one-week run on Friday, October 10 at DC’s West End Cinema. The festival was established by local filmmakers as a platform for independent movie-making talent from around the world to converge with an eclectic offering of features, shorts and documentaries in an […]
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