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Apr 11 2016

The Dust Has Settled: “Batman v Superman” Review

Every once in a while, I like to chime in on a big film after heated opinion has waned (i.e., I couldn’t make the press screening). The big question is: is the clash of the cleft chins as bad as all the reviewers are saying it is? Though I had the same reaction to the battle between […]
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Feb 27 2015


In “Focus”, Will Smith plays a con man who falls for his apprentice, a gifted pickpocket played by stunning “Wolf of Wall Street” star Margot Robbie. Kind of like 2009’s corporate espionage flick “Duplicity”, the lead characters play hard to get with each other while engaging in what I assume is meant to be a sexy, enticing […]
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Jan 19 2015

American Sniper

A film that gives an unflinching depiction of war but is lean on the domestic affairs of its central character, director Clint Eastwood’s powerful but patchy “American Sniper” tells the story of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), the most lethal sniper in U.S. history. A Texas rodeo cowboy whose sense of patriotism compels him to head to […]
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Sep 18 2014

This Is Where I Leave You

Because Shawn Levy’s career has revolved mostly around producing and directing family friendly movies (“Cheaper by the Dozen”, the “Night at the Museum” films and last year’s “The Internship”), I was particularly interested in seeing what he’d do with something that on paper looks a lot like “August: Osage County” with more penis jokes. It’s disappointing that […]
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Feb 1 2013

Bullet to the Head

(This review was originally published on February 1, 2013 at Reel Film News) Sylvester Stallone plays disgruntled hitman Jimmy ‘Bobo’ Bonomo in “Bullet to the Head”, a pseudo-noir action flick that is really hard to take seriously. Director Walter Hill’s attempt at gritty realism is hindered by the central relationship of the story, which begins […]
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