Tristan James Jensen

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Jan 20 2022

Beguiled Company (2022) – Movie Review

Some years ago, I hailed novice Tristan James Jensen for being a startling talent at such a young age; his memorable film The Unearthing remains evidence of how good a first-time writer/director can come out of nowhere to land a solid punch. His compositions, pacing, narrative style, and content spoke of someone who’s studied the […]
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May 22 2015

The Unearthing

Going back into popular film directors’ early work often reveals a lot of growing pains and a lot of experimental techniques (intolerable amounts of shaky cam, stilted performances, and a lot of running) that scream “STUDENT FILM HERE!” However, 18-year-old writer/director Tristan James Jensen’s first feature film, The Unearthing, shows an uncanny amount of savvy […]
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