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Jul 23 2020

Yes, God, Yes (2020) – Movie Review

Yes, God, Yes felt like a revisit to high school. Rumors, budding sexuality, the intolerance concealed by a thin veil of gentility, and the judgment we cast on others to make us feel better about ourselves… yup. I grew up Catholic; Yes, God, Yes was like dropping in on a friend and then finding yourself […]
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Jan 9 2015

Inherent Vice

Famed arthouse director Paul Thomas Anderson’s films are known for their interesting scripts, sprawling cast ensembles, odd twists, and wonderfully off-beat characterizations, often bordering on playful caricature. Booming onto the scene in 1996 with his film Hard Eight (also known as Sydney in other parts of the world), a deep character study of a hitman […]
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