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Mar 28 2018

Ready Player One

Here’s the key to enjoying Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Ernest Cline’s novel Ready Player One: Realize the film’s $175 million budget covered the filmmaking and what rights to various properties they could afford. Were they to include every little detail of the book, the film’s budget would have been at least triple that. So right […]
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Feb 6 2016


If you don’t know what a teabag is—and I don’t mean the Earl Grey kind—then “Deadpool” might not be for you. Marvel gives itself a full reach-around in this gloriously profane comic book adaptation, which stars Ryan Reynolds as bottom-feeding mercenary Wade Wilson, and director Tim Miller wildly overcompensates for the watered-down version of the character we […]
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Nov 6 2014

Big Hero 6

(If you read nothing else, know this: stay until the credits are done.) Big Hero 6, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ follow-up to the runaway smash hit Frozen, is awesome. For me, it’s Frozen for boys, an almost anti-Frozen, if you will. Male-centric, non-musical, set in a slightly futuristic landscape, and the main character is poor. […]
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Jun 12 2014

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Of late, the second installment of franchise films all seem to have a common thread: go darker. Get sad. Get mean. Go deeper. And cut deeper, too. It’s kind of obvious that today’s filmmakers are no doubt inspired by what is heralded as one of the greatest sequels ever, The Empire Strikes Back, the game-changing […]
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