Sony Picture Classics

Jan 26 2017

Review: “The Red Turtle”

Dutch/Japanese animated feature “The Red Turtle” is the first feature-length work of Michael Dudok de Wit, whose hand drawn production contains exactly the kind of fluidity and naturalism that modern-day CGI lacks. I love my Pixar and my Dreamworks, but this collaboration of Wild Bunch and Studio Ghibli (“The Wind Rises”) reminds that there is […]
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Jan 21 2016

The Lady In the Van

To derive humor from a sad story is an achievement, particularly when that story happens to be true. Playwright Alan Bennett lived this tale, and his oft-collaborator/director Nicholas Hytner (“The History Boys”) gives us the vicarious pleasure of getting to know the odd Mary Shepherd–a.k.a. Margaret Fairchild–an elderly woman who squatted in Bennett’s driveway for […]
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Feb 13 2014

Tim’s Vermeer

The photorealistic images achieved by 17th-century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer have baffled art experts for ages. How could such precision be possible in a time when mirrors were the latest innovation? Google “Girl With a Pearl Earring”, for example. It seems impossible for something so detailed, so incredibly vivid, to be created without the presence of […]
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Mar 23 2012

The Raid: Redemption

(This review was originally published on March 23, 2012 at Reel Film News) It’s been a while since I’ve had difficulty containing my excitement after watching an action flick. It’s been even longer since a movie has delivered tenfold on the promise of its trailer. “The Raid:Redemption”, a movie for which I might need to create […]
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