Seve Schelenz

May 25 2016

Sevé Schelenz Interview: “PEELERS” Canadian Premiere

Sevé  Schelenz is just a regular everyday guy trying to make a difference. In the stripper-horror subgenre. It’s been five years since my one and only meeting with the director, when Schelenz’s creepy minimalist found-footage flick “Skew” left much to our imaginations at the 2011 Spooky Movie Fest in DC (it went on to great […]
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Apr 9 2016

Palm Beach International Film Festival — “Peelers” Reviewed

A few years back, I spoke with a guy named Sevé Schelenz, who was out peddling a found-footage flick that he wrote and directed called “Skew” on the festival circuit. I caught him at the Spooky Movie Fest in DC where I took maybe the best photograph of a Canadian horror filmmaker ever. Then I found […]
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Dec 4 2011

Spooky Movie Festival 2011: An Interview With Sevé Schelenz, Director of “Skew”

(This interview was originally published on December 4, 2011 at The Rogers Revue. Photographs by Michael Parsons, all rights reserved) Sevé Schelenz isn’t your typical horror director. When I met with him to discuss his new film “Skew”, it felt more like I was picking the brain of an author than that of a filmmaker, particularly the […]
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Nov 5 2011

Spooky Movie Festival 2011: “Pig” and “Skew” Reviewed

(This review was originally published on November 5, 2011 at The Rogers Revue) In the midst of celebrating the blood and gore at this year’s Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival in Washington, DC, two relatively introverted head scratchers emerged that ended up in my top picks, “Pig” and “Skew” (see also my reviews of “The Watermen”, “The Millennium […]
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