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Dec 12 2016

Review: “La La Land”

It might be a little early in Damien Chazelle’s filmmaking career to call the movie his magnum opus, but “La La Land” has all the signifiers of a modern classic. This reviewer is not easily taken by the movie-musical—in fact, it’s usually the opposite—but I’ve seen it twice now and it only seems to be […]
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May 20 2016

The Nice Guys

The biggest reason to see The Nice Guys is that you’re going to see something you have never seen: a Shane Black misfire. The hell you say, you might be thinking to yourself, Shane Black’s kung fu is the best. There’s no disputing that; known for his peppery, hardboiled pulp detective-type scripts (Lethal Weapon, The […]
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Dec 23 2015

The Big Short

Leading up to the financial meltdown of 2008, this new econo-medy treats the then-imminent crisis like a tsunami about to make landfall,  and only a handful of people are standing on the beach to see the water receding from the shore. It didn’t happen overnight, though it sure felt like that to most of us. Suddenly, stock portfolios shriveled […]
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