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Nov 20 2017


I’ll say this: Coco is the first movie which made my oldest daughter cry. Not out of fright, considering the film’s full of literal skeleton characters, but because she got the film’s point: the dead are not gone from us, as long as they’re not forgotten. In a year in which we’ve lost one of […]
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Jun 18 2015

Inside Out

If Shakespeare said “What a piece of work is man,” then what a wondrous work of art is Inside Out. It may not be a valid scientific explanation for why the human mind thinks the way it does, and it may be an oversimplification for the depths of the human brain, but it sure does […]
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Jun 21 2013

Monsters University

I really like it when prequels have some fun with the mythos presented by the original film. The Thing from 2011 was a good example of this, dovetailing nicely into John Carpenter’s original The Thing from 1982. Monsters University, the latest from Disney/Pixar, builds into 2001’s Monsters, Inc. quite well, helping to set up characters […]
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