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Jun 15 2017

Cars 3

Not gonna lie: Cars 3 caught me off-guard with how unexpectedly touching some parts of it could be. But in that same not-gonna-lie vein, it’s almost a total rehash of the first film, from the opening “Speed… I am speed” mantra recital to the final race. However, after watching the reprehensible Cars 2 – a […]
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Jun 21 2013

Monsters University

I really like it when prequels have some fun with the mythos presented by the original film. The Thing from 2011 was a good example of this, dovetailing nicely into John Carpenter’s original The Thing from 1982. Monsters University, the latest from Disney/Pixar, builds into 2001’s Monsters, Inc. quite well, helping to set up characters […]
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Jun 20 2013

Much Ado About Nothing

William Shakespeare. Joss Whedon. Two masters of the English language. One, a man whose scripts and quirky neologisms have permeated the language of the world at large… and the other one’s William Shakespeare, of which not much new can be said. Suffice it to say that a meeting of the minds was certainly inevitable, and […]
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