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Sep 15 2017

American Assassin

There’s something wonderfully basic about American Assassin. I don’t know if “basic” is the right word; “stripped-down” fits a little better. Maybe it’s the no-nonsense, no-frills feel; maybe it’s the undisciplined, scrappy hero; or maybe it’s the spareness of the script, denying its audience the idiocy of a typical summer blockbuster action picture. Perhaps it’s […]
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Aug 23 2015

Hitman: Agent 47

When in doubt, fly a helicopter into a building, because you might take out a few bad guys and win the movie. That’s the standard of logic behind director Aleksander Bach’s sequel/reboot of 2007’s “Hitman”, which is loosely adapted from the IO Interactive video game series of flagging popularity. It might be its most laughably […]
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Aug 27 2014

The November Man

Director Roger Donaldson seems to have a lot of movies in his filmography about a mentor and his protégé, only to have said protégé either flake out or flat-out turn on his mentor. No Way Out, Cocktail, The Recruit, and now The November Man. In addition to this cliché, this film seems to sport every […]
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