Meryl Streep

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Dec 12 2018

Mary Poppins Returns (2018) – Movie Review

I’m having a hard time reconciling my thoughts on Mary Poppins Returns. This review has been two weeks in the making, with numerous starts and “delete everything!”s, and I’m at an impasse. Did I like the film? Well… I’m still working on that. This review is helping me suss out my feelings on this, so […]
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Dec 24 2014

Into The Woods

When you’re as much of a fan of an established property that gets its own film adaptation, it’s often hard to step back and separate one from the other. 2012’s Les Misérables was given sweeping life with the full weight of a movie studio’s magic; however, on repeat views, it falls a little short trying […]
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Aug 12 2014

The Giver

Of all the problems with “The Giver”, its biggest might just be the timing. Though Lois Lowry’s 1993 novel preceded the “Hunger Games” and “Divergent” phenomena by over a decade, director Phillip Noyce’s big screen adaptation of it feels pretty late to the party in the wake of these recent and more popular young adult […]
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Jan 10 2014

August: Osage County

Considering she’s garnered seventeen Oscar nods and three wins over the last three decades, it seems kind of cliché to mention Meryl Streep as a Best Actress contender during awards season. Her portrayal of Violet, the manipulative, maniacal Weston family matriarch in “August:Osage County”, makes it pretty difficult not to, though; the pill-popping, bile-spewing, cancer-afflicted […]
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