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Jan 15 2020

Dolittle (2020) – Movie Review

The thing about Dolittle is this: we’ve seen it all before in numerous children’s adventure films. Dolittle doesn’t add very much to the cinema conversation, but it’s not meant to do so. It is purely meant to whisk its intended audience away with grand – albeit excessively computer-enhanced – escapism and fun. And many, many […]
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Jun 24 2015

Ted 2

Here we go again, ladies and gentlemen; the lovable Thunder Buddies, John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) and his miraculously talking teddy bear Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane), are back to gross us out and make us laugh in Ted 2, the sequel to 2012’s surprise box-office hit. Directed and co-written by MacFarlane, Ted 2 is everything […]
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Jul 18 2014

Sex Tape

In between long stretches of incomprehensible stupidity and lazy writing, we actually get some laugh-out-loud moments in “Sex Tape”, a relatively sexless but otherwise self-explanatory comedy that is no better or worse than director Jake Kasdan’s last movie, the similarly unambiguous “Bad Teacher”. It’s a shame, because most films like this — Apatow-era adult comedies that […]
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May 30 2014

A Million Ways to Die in the West

(There is a post-credits scene in the movie that is an extension of the final scene in the film. Stick around, ’cause it’s kind of funny.) I’m sensing a common theme in “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane’s two theatrically-released films: both Ted and the newly-released A Million Ways to Die in the West center on […]
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Aug 9 2013


Picture Occupy Wall Street, the Blackwater Security Force scandal, our government employees not being able to keep a lid on confidential information, the current healthcare and insurance problems, a quota-driven workforce, and the continental divide between wealthy and poor all rolled into one movie. Then, set it in a bleak future with futuristic weapons, robots, […]
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