Marvel Entertainment

Feb 6 2016


If you don’t know what a teabag is—and I don’t mean the Earl Grey kind—then “Deadpool” might not be for you. Marvel gives itself a full reach-around in this gloriously profane comic book adaptation, which stars Ryan Reynolds as bottom-feeding mercenary Wade Wilson, and director Tim Miller wildly overcompensates for the watered-down version of the character we […]
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May 23 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past

With the three original “X-Men” films proving to be a mixed bag and Matthew Vaughn’s terrific “X-Men: First Class” wedged in between two silly and rather inconsequential “Wolverine” side adventures, it was tough to tell which direction the “X-Men” franchise was headed. Having already covered several timelines, and with many characters from the eponymous team […]
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Jul 26 2013

The Wolverine

PLEASE NOTE: if you see this movie, A) avoid the 3D, and B) stick around for an extra scene right after the title of the film pops up during the closing credits. There but for (or because of) the grace of Hugh Jackman goes The Wolverine. Where “there” is might be debatable, though: will it […]
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