Marton Csokas

Sep 29 2014

“The Equalizer” – Mike’s Review

Denzel Washington has emerged from an early career of incredibly diverse roles to become a staple in the action genre. The ten-or-so-year transition has cumulatively re-defined the term “one man army” as a more conceivable, complex, deeply human character in films like “Man On Fire”, “Book of Eli” and “Safe House” (though those movies as a whole range […]
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Aug 31 2011

The Debt

(This review was originally published on August 31, 2011 at The Rogers Revue) Oftentimes when thrillers attempt to weave the realism of a historically relevant era into their plot, they get wrapped up in the mechanics of what the characters are doing instead of the characters themselves. “The Debt”, John Madden’s re-imagining of the 2007 Israeli thriller […]
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