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Mar 17 2017

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Remakes, rehashes, reboots. Three words which mean exactly the same thing: the fear a motion picture studio exhibits by not taking a chance on something original, so they’ll repackage a previously-successful film with a facelift and new vibe for today’s audiences. This disconcerting lack of originality has taken over the Disney company; their latest efforts […]
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DC Movie Critics, DC Movie Reviews, DC Film Critics, Eddie Pasa, Michael Parsons, Movie Critics, Film Critics

Oct 6 2016

The Girl on the Train

Set aside every preconceived notion you have about The Girl on the Train being “the next Gone Girl.” Maybe it’s just me, not having read the novel upon which it was based, but I was unexpectedly swept up and captivated by The Girl on the Train’s story and execution. A stellar performance by Emily Blunt as […]
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May 26 2013

Fast & Furious 6

This review does not contain spoilers from “Fast Five,” which I highly recommend you rent first. Also, please excuse me for any automobile-related puns. “Fast & Furious 6” requires your suspension of disbelief, not your analysis. It’s an exercise in sheer spectacle, bigger and badder than the last film. Sure, it’s everything a summer blockbuster […]
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May 23 2013

Furious 6

(If you read nothing else of this review, know this: do not leave the theater until the credits start rolling up the screen.) It’s pretty hard to up the ante and the game from one sequel to the next. However, Furious 6 (also known as Fast & Furious 6) director Justin Lin manages to do […]
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Oct 13 2011

Director James McTeigue and Actor Luke Evans Discuss “The Raven”

(This interview was originally published on October 13, 2011 at The Rogers Revue. Photographs by Alissa Parsons) On Friday, October 7th, at Westminster Hall in Baltimore, a commemorative wreath laying ceremony took place at the grave site of Edgar Allan Poe, honoring the enigmatic author on the 162nd anniversary of his death. Participating in the […]
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