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Nov 7 2019

Marriage Story (2019) – Movie Review

Rare are the films which sweep you away with intelligent drama, spellbinding performances, and involving photography. Marriage Story is one of these rare films; however, it’s in reflecting on the film where it takes the opportunity to flatten you. This film reminds you love hurts, and the film hurts for love – not in the sense of […]
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Nov 25 2016

Review: “Certain Women”

“Certain Women” has no particular plot — a loosely adjoined adaptation of short stories by author Maile Meloy that yields good performances, as expected by Laura Dern and Michelle Williams. It is tailored for  pensive audiences  yet designed seemingly to be forgotten. It’s atmosphere begins to lose oxygen after the first 40 minutes or so, to be partially resuscitated  by Lily Gladstone […]
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Dec 29 2015

Highlight Review 2015: “99 Homes”

“99 Homes” is the “Training Day” of the real estate industry. A dramatic thriller set in 2010 Orlando, the film introduces us to Rick Carver (Michael Shannon), a ruthless broker at the scene of a suicide in a recently foreclosed-upon property. It’s just one of many pit-stops in a busy day of evicting people from their homes. […]
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Dec 5 2014


Director Jean-Marc Vallée’s last film, “Dallas Buyers Club”, was about a man trying to better himself in the wake of some life-changing news. The film was a compelling true story; humorous, charming and most of all, meaningful on a level other than the main character’s well-being, it seamlessly marbled a morally driven narrative with haunting glimpses into […]
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