Kevin Bacon

Sep 22 2015

Black Mass

The new gangster biopic “Black Mass” is a great opportunity for another extensive Johnny Depp transformation, but I’d take his more engaging “Donnie Brasco” any day of the week. In both films, as in most mob pictures, the concept of loyalty is front and center: in “Brasco”, Depp’s real-life deep cover agent was conflicted over […]
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Aug 18 2015

Cop Car

With much potential in the first half, this dark but somewhat comical thriller begins sputtering out well short of its brief 86-minute run time, and a hasty and unimaginative conclusion left me feeling utterly deflated. It’s in a wishy-washy area somewhere between “Hide Your Smiling Faces” and “No Country For Old Men” that “Cop Car” director Jon Watts (“Clown”) loses his […]
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Jul 21 2013


I’ll be about the one thousandth critic to compare this film to “Men In Black” and “Ghostbusters” – congrats to me –  but I was surprised by the shades of “Beetlejuice” and “Ghost” that filled out the rest of Robert Schwentke’s unusually out-of-whack “R.I.P.D”, which, like its “deado” baddies, lacks any soul. This film should’ve […]
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