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Oct 18 2019

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) – Movie Review

To be honest, 2014’s Maleficent was off-putting to me, but not in a bad way; that it made me feel uncomfortable was one of the film’s strong points. Here was a movie which had the balls to make its bones with metaphors for the patriarchy, date rape, single parenthood, and unwanted children. Maleficent has now […]
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Sep 22 2015

Black Mass

The new gangster biopic “Black Mass” is a great opportunity for another extensive Johnny Depp transformation, but I’d take his more engaging “Donnie Brasco” any day of the week. In both films, as in most mob pictures, the concept of loyalty is front and center: in “Brasco”, Depp’s real-life deep cover agent was conflicted over […]
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Oct 24 2014


If you still think of Harry Potter when you see Daniel Radcliffe, then this twisted horror fable should wipe away that notion altogether. “Horns”, which also marks an evolution for director Alexandre Aja (he’s pretty much covered the horror spectrum from his 2003 masterpiece “High Tension” to 2006’s “The Hills Have Eyes” remake to 2010’s […]
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Aug 22 2014

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Frank Miller’s sprawling tales of Sin City (that’s “Basin City” with the “Ba” shot to hell on the road sign at the city limits) are constructed from the hard-boiled and the heartbroken. The sleazy and the sordid. The soulless and the virtuous. The righteous and the wicked. As Denzel Washington said in the film Glory, […]
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Aug 3 2012

Killer Joe

(This review originally appeared at Reel Film News on August 3, 2012.) The tagline for the Killer Joe posters reads “A TOTALLY TWISTED DEEP-FRIED TEXAS REDNECK TRAILER PARK MURDER STORY” over a picture of what looks to be a piece of fried chicken in the shape of the state of Texas, with some blood spatter […]
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