Jon Ford

Oct 9 2014

Spooky Movie Festival 2014: “The Dead 2: India” reviewed

Where “The Dead” was a beautifully lensed horror/adventure story with an intelligently intertwined humanitarian message, its sequel, “The Dead 2″: India” (playing opening night at the 9th annual Spooky Movie Festival at AFI Silver), is weighed down with too much melodrama to tread in the same socioeconomic undercurrent. The result is a movie that looks […]
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Feb 13 2012

Spooky Movie Festival 2011 Interviews: Howard Ford, director of “The Dead” and Alex Cutler, co-producer of “Pig”

(This interview was originally published on February 13, 2012 at The Rogers Revue) If you’ve read my reviews of “The Dead” and “Pig”, you’ll appreciate the breadth of horror sub-genres that were represented at the 2011 Spooky Movie Festival in Washington, DC last October.
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