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Jul 13 2017

Wish Upon

Wish Upon brings to mind “The Monkey’s Paw,” a short story by W. W. Jacobs. In it, an older couple comes into receivership of a mummified monkey paw capable of granting three wishes; however, each wish is accompanied by shocking consequences. You might also remember Richard Matheson’s short story “Button, Button,” adapted for an episode […]
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Jul 18 2014

Wish I Was Here

Zach Braff stars as Aidan Bloom, a struggling actor whose one success in a shampoo ad has him clinging to the notion that he’ll one day land a career-changing role in a TV show. His wife Sarah (Kate Hudson) grows quietly embittered as she works a soul-sucking job in order to pay the bills while […]
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Jul 19 2013

The Conjuring

Every once in a while, a film comes along that hushes my bitching about mainstream horror. Last year it was the nerve-rattling “Sinister”, an atmospheric supernatural creeper that melded sub-genres to create something undeniably terrifying. It was a masterful exercise in tension, relying on our imaginations to do most of the heavy lifting. If not […]
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Jun 28 2013

White House Down

Roland Emmerich does well with spectacle movies. Who can forget the indelible image of the White House being eviscerated by alien laser fire in Independence Day? Nor can one dismiss the awesome power of the tidal wave hitting New York City in The Day After Tomorrow. With his latest film, White House Down, Emmerich goes […]
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Mar 8 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful

(This review originally appeared at Reel Film News on March 8, 2013.) Few have dared to touch the legend set up by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s 1939 smash hit, The Wizard of Oz. With groundbreaking special effects and music recognizable the world over, it’s hard to even approach without somehow looking stupid for having done so. Walter Murch […]
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