Jamie Chung

Nov 6 2014

Big Hero 6

(If you read nothing else, know this: stay until the credits are done.) Big Hero 6, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ follow-up to the runaway smash hit Frozen, is awesome. For me, it’s Frozen for boys, an almost anti-Frozen, if you will. Male-centric, non-musical, set in a slightly futuristic landscape, and the main character is poor. […]
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Aug 22 2014

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Frank Miller’s sprawling tales of Sin City (that’s “Basin City” with the “Ba” shot to hell on the road sign at the city limits) are constructed from the hard-boiled and the heartbroken. The sleazy and the sordid. The soulless and the virtuous. The righteous and the wicked. As Denzel Washington said in the film Glory, […]
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