Guillermo Amoedo

Oct 12 2015

Knock Knock

If two scantily clad women come knocking in the middle of a rainy night and you’re not starring in a porn flick, it’s probably best to assume that something’s amiss. That would be an understatement in “Knock Knock”, a thriller that deviates from director Eli Roth’s typical propensity for gore (see “Hostel” and “The Green Inferno”) to […]
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Sep 25 2015

The Green Inferno

A couple scenes from Eli Roth’s newest (but not so new, as it was caught in distributor purgatory for a while) splatterfest, “The Green Inferno”, oddly recall the meat-tossing bit from 1994’s “PCU”,  a slacker comedy condemning half-cocked, cause-of-the-week protesters seeking recognition for their “awareness” and advocating the “anti-protesters” who torment them. A far worse fate awaits […]
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