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Mar 17 2022

The Outfit (2022) – Movie Review

There’s poetry in every corner and crevice of The Outfit. From the look of the film to its structure to the characters to the performances to the written words, its being creates a picture of unspoken emotions and intent, eventually laid bare with a denouement that simultaneously confounds and delights. Even the title itself is […]
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Dec 12 2014

The Imitation Game

‘Tis the season for biopics: thus far, they’ve ranged from unreasonably icy Oscar fodder (“Foxcatcher”) to deep, ruminative Oscar fodder (“Wild”) to BBC TV movie-of-the-week style Oscar fodder (though “Theory of Everything” does boast nod-worthy performances from Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones). While “The Imitation Game” might appear by-the-numbers both figuratively and literally, the story is one that […]
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