George Clooney

May 21 2015


Tomorrowland is one of those movies you so desperately want to like. It’s got high-flying action, plucky characters, a good amount of whimsy, and strong values running throughout. The trouble is, at least for me, there’s way too much of the latter thrown in, and what should be a lighthearted adventure turns into more of […]
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Oct 4 2013


Stepping out of my screening of Gravity, I instantly turned to the night sky and wondered about what goes on up there. We all hear about space junk and debris, with news reports of satellites and other objects falling from their orbits and entering Earth’s atmosphere. Gravity takes us out to the black, star-dotted reaches […]
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Nov 18 2011

The Descendants

(This review was originally published on November 18, 2011 at The Rogers Revue) Alexander Payne has an affinity for bringing complex literary characters to life in situations of conflict, compromise and absurdity. This was best exemplified in 2004′s “Sideways”, a snarky little gem that effectively walked the line between comedy and tragedy.  His first film in […]
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