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Jan 19 2024

I.S.S. : Movie Review

What an irresistible, damning blast of a conceit I.S.S. executes in thrilling fashion. Nick Shafir’s script, appearing on the 2020 Black List well before the current Russia/Ukraine war, posits one simple conflict that bears so many implications on humanity itself: What if the US and Russian astronauts aboard the International Space Station watched war break […]
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Jul 25 2013


There’s a scene in “Blackfish” that depicts how whalers used to separate killer whale (or orca) calves from their mothers. It’s an incredibly disturbing thing to watch, being somewhat reminiscent of 2009’s “The Cove” (a shocking exposé about dolphin poaching in Japan). In an illustration, we see how the orcas strategize to protect their young. Luring […]
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