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Oct 8 2015


The story of Ocean County detective Laurel Hester is easily found on the internet and in newspaper clippings. A 23-year-veteran of the local police force, Laurel was diagnosed with rapidly spreading end-stage cancer, living her remaining time with her partner of five years, Stacie Andree, to whom Laurel willed her pension and the house they […]
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May 23 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past

With the three original “X-Men” films proving to be a mixed bag and Matthew Vaughn’s terrific “X-Men: First Class” wedged in between two silly and rather inconsequential “Wolverine” side adventures, it was tough to tell which direction the “X-Men” franchise was headed. Having already covered several timelines, and with many characters from the eponymous team […]
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Jun 10 2013

The East

“The East” might have the most intriguing premise of any film I’ve seen so far this year. Breaking down genre barriers while not overtly attempting to revolutionize any of them, director Zal Batmanglij, who co-wrote the film with its star Brit Marling, approaches divisive subjects like the environment, religion and capitalism from an unusually off-kilter perspective. There’s a […]
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