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Nov 15 2023

Thanksgiving : Movie Review

SIXTEEN YEARS AGO… Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez teamed up to create Grindhouse, a smashing double-feature package emulating the 1970s exploitation films they grew up watching. Films like these ran in seedy theaters, prints were often scratched and damaged (sometimes missing entire sequences), and the subject matter often included lurid material not meant for the mainstream. […]
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DC Movie Critics, DC Movie Reviews, DC Film Critics, Eddie Pasa, Michael Parsons, Movie Critics, Film Critics, Movie Review, Film Review

Sep 17 2019

Haunt (2019) – Movie Review

Most horror movies take long, circuitous routes setting up their characters so we can get to know them right before they’re brutally taken away from us. Almost all teen slasher films are guilty of this, from Halloween to Friday the 13th to latter-day classics like Saw (just the first one) and Scream. (Well, maybe not that […]
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Oct 12 2015

Knock Knock

If two scantily clad women come knocking in the middle of a rainy night and you’re not starring in a porn flick, it’s probably best to assume that something’s amiss. That would be an understatement in “Knock Knock”, a thriller that deviates from director Eli Roth’s typical propensity for gore (see “Hostel” and “The Green Inferno”) to […]
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Sep 25 2015

The Green Inferno

A couple scenes from Eli Roth’s newest (but not so new, as it was caught in distributor purgatory for a while) splatterfest, “The Green Inferno”, oddly recall the meat-tossing bit from 1994’s “PCU”,  a slacker comedy condemning half-cocked, cause-of-the-week protesters seeking recognition for their “awareness” and advocating the “anti-protesters” who torment them. A far worse fate awaits […]
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