Eduardo Sanchez

Oct 10 2014

Spooky Movie Festival 2014: “Exists” reviewed

Wherever this resurgence of interest in the Bigfoot legend spawned from, it seems to be working in favor of found-footage horror films. Last year, it was Bobcat Goldthwait’s “Willow Creek”, a suspenseful, surprisingly charming slow-burn that followed a young couple into the titular Pacific Northwest wilderness in hopes of capturing the beast on video. While of the same […]
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Jun 8 2013


Last year, I reviewed V/H/S, a found-footage anthology horror film with six entries directed by a group of ten different directors. While I appreciated the film, upon later viewings, I found the original movie to be full of meandering stories where bad things happened to bad people. It was more a comeuppance movie than a […]
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