Donnie Yen

Mar 23 2023

John Wick: Chapter 4 – Movie Review

This review is dedicated to the memory of Lance Reddick, a formidable actor who gave untold amounts of grace, depth, and gravitas to every appearance, whether in film or television. He and his talents will be missed. Few are the film franchises that succeed with every additional sequel; not even The Godfather can lay claim […]
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Aug 13 2021

Raging Fire (2021) – Movie Review

Hats off to the late director Benny Chan, whose memorable films include a high-flying remake of Fist of Fury with Jet Li, a passel of Jackie Chan movies (among them Who Am I?, New Police Story, and Rob-B-Hood), and others which stocked a full 30-year career. Benny Chan’s final film, Raging Fire, is released today […]
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Jan 23 2017

Review: “xXx: Return of Xander Cage”

Meet Dom Toretto’s tattooed twin brother Xander Cage (Vin Diesel), the X-gamer turned special operative resurfacing for “xXx” number three, a franchise that is taking a similar tack to the more popular “Fast & Furious” phenomenon. The appearance of Ice Cube, who took Diesel’s place in the second installment, “xXx: State of the Union”, suggests […]
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Dec 13 2016

Rogue One

(Please note: this is as spoiler-free as I can make it, going so far as to not even mention new characters’ names, with action examples being nonspecific and kinda vague. I want you to enjoy this movie as much as I did and remain unspoiled.) As it says in my review of Star Wars: Episode VII […]
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Jan 22 2016

Ip Man 3

In 2009, before the filming of Ip Man 3, lead actor Donnie Yen (who plays the titular Ip Man) stated he wasn’t interested in doing a third Ip Man film, claiming the second film was the high note on which he’d like the series to end. And yet, here we are with Ip Man 3, […]
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