Dominic Rains

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Jul 21 2017

The Persian Connection

One of my favorite films is Rian Johnson’s Brick, a hard-boiled detective mystery set in a high school. It’s subtle, mostly non-aggressive in its lensing and action, and droll in a very captivating way. Don’t take those descriptions to mean “boring” or “lifeless,” though. On the contrary, Brick’s writing, performances, editing, cinematography, and direction coalesce […]
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Jan 9 2015

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

I can almost hear the late Don LaFontaine narrating the following trailer with the appropriate shots accompanying his voiceover: “In the town of Bad City, Iran (insert shots of the city streets with nobody on them)… something has come to disturb the peace (insert shot of camera moving to reveal a hooded figure standing behind […]
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