Jul 3 2014

La Bare

Welcome to the world of male strippers, says actor Joe Manganiello’s documentary La Bare. It’s not exactly as exorbitant or excessive as Magic Mike (in which Manganiello played a stripper called Big Dick Richie), a point which La Bare wastes no time in emphasizing. No sex, no drugs, no excessive partying – these fellas are […]
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May 30 2014


As the son of two Filipino immigrants who came here legally in the ’60s, Documented hits me right in the gut. Trying to remain objective about this is a bit of a struggle for me, as I have internalized the sacrifices my parents and their families made for us to be here. Fellow Filipino-American Jose […]
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Mar 22 2014

Particle Fever

“Jumping from failure to failure with undiminished enthusiasm is the big secret to success.” With these words, physicist Savas Dimopolous describes the scientific method in a nutshell. There are few fields in which failure is met with almost as much zest as success, owing to the fact that data can still be culled from said […]
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Dec 6 2013

Narco Cultura

Right across the border from El Paso, Texas, the world’s most violent city lies in wait. Juárez, Mexico seems to be the hotbed of a war between the various drug cartels that have Mexico in a bloody grip. As Narco Cultura’s narrator Richi Soto tells us at the start, murders in Juárez have risen beyond […]
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Nov 7 2013

Spinning Plates

Whether it’s the fried chicken at Breitbach’s country buffet in Balltown, Iowa, the southwestern-style stew at Tucson’s modest Mexican restaurant La Cocina De Gabby, or Grant Achatz’s latest feat of molecular-gastronomy at Chicago’s world-renowned Alinea, you’ll find a history of tradition and adversity behind it.  That’s the basis for Joseph Levy’s palatable documentary “Spinning Plates”, […]
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Oct 9 2013

Fate of a Salesman

Click here to watch this Emmy Award-winning documentary instantly. Watching long-time Men’s Fashion Center manager Willie Carswell talking to passers-by on the sidewalk, it’s tough to tell whether he’s about to launch into a sales pitch or a sermon. Like his loud, orange pinstriped suit and freshly polished wing tips, the store, virtually a relic […]
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