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Apr 14 2016

The Jungle Book (2016)

From the second the lights go all the way down after the trailers are over and the theater’s “Feature Presentation” bumper has played, we’re brought into a world of nostalgia by Disney’s current logo having undergone a facelift. Well, it’s really a reverse-facelift; the 10-year-old, computer-animated, firework-laden Cinderella Castle opening has been entirely redone to […]
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Jun 18 2015

Inside Out

If Shakespeare said “What a piece of work is man,” then what a wondrous work of art is Inside Out. It may not be a valid scientific explanation for why the human mind thinks the way it does, and it may be an oversimplification for the depths of the human brain, but it sure does […]
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May 21 2015


Tomorrowland is one of those movies you so desperately want to like. It’s got high-flying action, plucky characters, a good amount of whimsy, and strong values running throughout. The trouble is, at least for me, there’s way too much of the latter thrown in, and what should be a lighthearted adventure turns into more of […]
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Mar 12 2015


If there’s anything negative to be said about Kenneth Branagh’s fairly straightforward adaptation of the Disney animated classic Cinderella, it’s that it was only a fairytale. Branagh breathes a beauty, elegance, and wit into this new palimpsest of the beloved European folk tale (most famously told by the Brothers Grimm), and its charm will last […]
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Aug 9 2013


Planes feels like that guy at your party that nobody knows, but tries so hard to act familiar with everyone because he’s been told stories about you and your friends. It tries to demand a certain respect that it hasn’t been granted or earned. Look, Disney – just because it’s set in “The World of […]
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Jun 21 2013

Monsters University

I really like it when prequels have some fun with the mythos presented by the original film. The Thing from 2011 was a good example of this, dovetailing nicely into John Carpenter’s original The Thing from 1982. Monsters University, the latest from Disney/Pixar, builds into 2001’s Monsters, Inc. quite well, helping to set up characters […]
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