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Oct 5 2022

Hellraiser (2022) – Movie Review

Author’s note: There’s something weirdly awesome and kinda nuts about watching a screener of a movie called Hellraiser and seeing a “Property of Disney” watermark pop up every now and again. Welcome to the new Hellraiser, a surprising revival and reboot of this 35-year-old film series. Like the ten films before it, Hellraiser is based […]
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Apr 11 2016

The Dust Has Settled: “Batman v Superman” Review

Every once in a while, I like to chime in on a big film after heated opinion has waned (i.e., I couldn’t make the press screening). The big question is: is the clash of the cleft chins as bad as all the reviewers are saying it is? Though I had the same reaction to the battle between […]
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Jun 15 2013

Man of Steel

If your knowledge of Superman is limited, you won’t be a whole lot more familiar with the guy by the end of “Man of Steel,” which is closer to “War of the Worlds” than a DC Comics adaptation. As we’ve come to expect from director Zack Snyder (“300”, “Watchmen”), the film puts its emphasis on […]
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