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Feb 23 2023

We Have a Ghost : Movie Review

You could say that We Have a Ghost is, for all intents and purposes, Steven Spielberg’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, but with, well, a ghost. And you would be right, as they follow the same essential tracks. But writer/director Christopher Landon – working from a short story by Geoff Manaugh – gives us a wondrous ride […]
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Sep 22 2015

Black Mass

The new gangster biopic “Black Mass” is a great opportunity for another extensive Johnny Depp transformation, but I’d take his more engaging “Donnie Brasco” any day of the week. In both films, as in most mob pictures, the concept of loyalty is front and center: in “Brasco”, Depp’s real-life deep cover agent was conflicted over […]
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Sep 29 2014

“The Equalizer” – Mike’s Review

Denzel Washington has emerged from an early career of incredibly diverse roles to become a staple in the action genre. The ten-or-so-year transition has cumulatively re-defined the term “one man army” as a more conceivable, complex, deeply human character in films like “Man On Fire”, “Book of Eli” and “Safe House” (though those movies as a whole range […]
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