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Mar 29 2024

Dogman : Movie Review

The best that can be said about Luc Besson’s Dogman is that it keeps your attention. Starting in medias res and looping back from past to present, at least there’s enough there to make you want to see what happens next. Now, whether you can hang with weirdness for weirdness’ sake and veer wildly along […]
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Jun 13 2019

The Dead Don’t Die – Movie Review

There’s not one specific way to take Jim Jarmusch’s The Dead Don’t Die. Cautionary tale, social commentary, absurdist fiction, comedy, horror, parody, political satire, you name it – it’s in here. It’s a wild ride through the mind of one of independent film’s legendary figures, having blazed similar side trails through the landscape of been-there-done-that […]
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Sep 28 2017

American Made

American Made has got to be one of the most perverse films I’ve seen this year, and I mean it as a positive. That’s “perverse,” not “perverted,” by the way. “Perverse” in the way that what we’re watching is meant to be a man’s illicit life, yet we’re laughing savagely at it. Those of you […]
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Mar 7 2017

Review: “Get Out”

To paraphrase critic Armond White, whose career is based on being a contrarian : “Get Out” is an attenuated comedy sketch that is tailored to please the liberal status quo”. Really? If that’s what you’ve taken away from this movie—hardly a comedy, by the way, though not without its comic relief—then I might say your […]
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