Brendan Gleeson

Jan 30 2015

Song of the Sea

What is Song of the Sea about? Is it a children’s tale of adventure and excitement rooted in Celtic folklore? Or is it a metaphor for how we deal with a mother dying in childbirth? Maybe it’s about finding one’s purpose in life. Better yet, it’s about the bond between a young boy who resents […]
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Aug 8 2014


Brendan Gleeson plays the quietly forlorn but devoted Father James Lavelle, a Catholic priest who is threatened with death by a mysterious guest in his confessional booth. It’s a shocker of an opening line, as the unseen parishioner graphically details his molestation from a priest at an early age, but James doesn’t necessarily appear to be shocked. […]
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Jun 5 2014

Edge of Tomorrow

If you didn’t get enough of the time travel thing with “X-Men: Days of Future Past” earlier this month, fear not: “Edge of Tomorrow” will throw you for a loop. Or a hundred. It’s kind of like that level of “Call of Duty” you can’t seem to get past. In an undisclosed time in the […]
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