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Aug 16 2017

Logan Lucky

When thinking about Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky, I keep flashing back to something Stu Redman said in the 1994 TV adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand”: “Redneck don’t mean stupid.” If Soderbergh’s trilogy of Ocean’s films were finely-tuned jazz-funk, consider Logan Lucky to be its scruffier skiffle-band cousin. Sporting a misspelled “DANGERUS” tattoo and a […]
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Nov 12 2015

Review: “Trumbo” – Red Carpet With Bryan Cranston and Director Jay Roach

Perhaps the most wildly diverse portfolio ever to emerge from Hollywood belongs to Dalton Trumbo, the Oscar-winning screenwriter who also cranked out more B-movie scripts than Ed Wood. But the paradox that is his résumé — much of which is invisible (even on IMDb) — remains a symbol of  something far greater than anything the nation’s […]
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